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Things are getting a bit weird…

It’s been an interesting weekend. Interesting event yesterday, shouldn’t have been surprised with the results though. I’ve decided to move in January. Nug and Raz are coming with me, and supposedly, it’s selfish that I want to bring my pets. 

Found a little place in Fowler. It’s nice, it may get pricey… But I need to go through this. I’m 21, this means it’s time to start doing things now, that I have feelings I could possibly regret these things in the future. I’m sad that chances are it will end, but if it means anything, then it wouldn’t have to end. So not my prob.

Monday is rolling around again and I am going to be feeling good about it. Class, then work. Sadly isn’t going to be any time for a run :(. I need to fill out fasfa and finish reading chapter 12 and move into chapter 13. Spledid. Friday= did nothing I think and yesteday was insanity.

you know, i wish i was a hamster. I wouldn’t mind running around in a wheel all day long.
— anonymous

Hood rich so I never had a bank account.

Randizzle’s water is changed. Me and Raz just got done running out mile and a half. 1 more half mile and I’ll be ready for the Turkey Trot. Feelin real good about it.

Got a 5 day work week, thank christ. I am ready for this, so work me till I can’t work no more bitchessssss. I need that CA$$$H.

Graduation date= Spring 2014. Internship is fall 2013 and student teaching is Spring 2014. Then I’ll be done. That is pretty far away though, so I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. I need to deal with what’s going on right now, not in the future. On that note, I’m going to pick up my Oceanography book, and start reading.


Love, always


i’ve been so stoned lately that i don’t know where my wallet is, ugh
— Anonymous <3

Trichodes quadriguttatus | Alborz, Iran | +


Trichodes quadriguttatus | Alborz, Iran | +

Bout to Change Randy’s Water after this Post

Poor Randy, he’s floatin around saying please change my water!

He will be okay though, it has only been about a week. Mr. Raz is sittin right next to me on patrol for those damn cats. I wish he would stop battling with them and vice versa. Not too sure who is starting the battle. 

I got called and asked if I wanted to work today and I was feeling good about it so I said, shit I need the money so yes I shall!

I picked up an application for a place called Big Family in Girard. They have a huge sign out front saying “Now Taking Applications,” so it’s worth a shot. Today was supposed to be my day to fill out apps, but work called so, it would kind of been contradictory to say I didn’t want to go into work. I wish I still worked for NV, but I guess I kinda did need a break for a bit. This break needs to end soon though because I get paid Friday and by Sunday it’s all gone with the wind. 

Ran a mile and a quarter today. Tomorrow I’m going to go grocery shopping, job hunting, running, and then who knows what?

I guess I will get started on changing Randy’s water about now.

Peace to you.

love always.


Randy’s Water Needs Changed

Randy is my awesome fish. His colors are just lovely.

Normally, I dread Mondays. I am going to try and change that around and find a reason to like Mondays.

I’m going running tomorrow. A mile and a half to be exact. Since I’ve quit smoking cigs I’ve been running, and I’m planning to be in shape in time for the Turkey Trot in Bazetta. I’ve never run it, but I’ve always wanted to. Now that I’m almost back on my feet from a 6 year smoking battle, I feel like anything is possible ;)

Also, need to find another job dammit. I’m goin broke over here, and $100 a week is definitely not workin out for me. Any kind of job will work, really. I don’t see how I can be picky! Rent is the only thing that I really have money for, and it kind of sucks…bad. Luckily Z is helpful on that part.

Got class tomorrow at 1pm. I am sure it is going to be a boring ass buzzkill, but I will probably end up finishing my book I’ve been working on since the summer. So, that is a plus of class. My teacher is alright, nothing too special. I really am sick of this C trend that I’ve been diggin for the past year, so I need to change it. If I don’t I’m going to feel like shit because the shit I’m doing is WAY too easy for me to be gettin fucking C’s and that’s on a serious ass note. CLASS.mon.wed.fri. GO god dammit. I’ve got the beginning of the week mainly chill, but then I start workin Wednesday, so I gotta get shit done!

So I’m pretty sure this is my first positive blog. WOW.

Stepping Stone

love and always 



maybe my preschool i believe i went when i was four, yes. rainbow preschool. anthony vine was in my class. so very ironic… i loved preschool

bong rips

bong rips from the orange demon will get you where you need to be buddy. peace and love always